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cover linedNow available on, the all-original, insider cartoon view of airline life!

This book contains74 pages of cartoons from an insider’s perspective: the ups and downs of flight crew life, air travel and the world of passengers, pilots, flight attendants and pilots!

Get your copy today–just click on the button below:


Yeah, I always have a drawing pad handy. And here’s the latest cartoons, created after the book was published:


passenger rights









cell vid


Less Air 1

image image image image image image image

image image image image image image image image image image


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7 Responses to “The Cartoon Archive”

  1. Napalm in the Morning Says:

    The dialog with the private pilot brings back many memories. Had to be cautious with those guys and the Oprah watchers after an airplane accident somewhere in the world. The conversation would go ike this …

    “We aren’t going to crash are we?”
    “Not a chance. The outcome of this is not in doubt.” (On a good day)
    “Hope not.” (On a bad day)

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  3. Jim Mackin Says:

    Chris —

    Nice to see that your cartoons are as entertaining as ever! I’m VMI ’78, and was on the newspaper staff when you drew for the Cadet.

    Keep it up!

    Jim Mackin

  4. Hey Chris,
    Like my BR Mackin, I’m VMI ’78.
    Love the site.
    I also have your book “Flight Crew Li8ke You”. I found it in the FBO at Eagle, CO some years back.
    I’m with US Airways (21 years). AB-320 domestic, DCA (this week)
    Do you illustrate stories told by other pilots? I’ve been know to be a story teller. I have quite a few airline tales.

  5. Paige Prather Fuller Says:

    Came across a cartoon you have my dad many years ago. My husband found it in storage. It now has a prominent place in our home

    • I remember your Dad, Judd, well; one of the pilots I admired most as a new airline pilot. He flew Thuds. In the USAF, then AA where he was a long time union volunteer. I believe I met you too at one Board meeting, can’t remember which one. Good to hear from you!

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