Now With New Videos Embedded!

An Airline Pilot’s Life just got better: 15 embedded videos of commentary and photos from first solo to supersonic solo to airline captain upgrade and more!

The links are embedded in the Kindle edition and accessible in both paperback and hardcover through a QR code. Here is a screenshot (the links are active in the Kindle version:

Live the adventure, firsthand, with narrative commentary, photos and video. Here’s a sample:

Live the flying with your own copy; makes a great gift!

Just CLICK HERE for the Amazon order page.


4 Responses to “Now With New Videos Embedded!”

  1. martinlws3 Says:

    Chris,Very good idea.Small thing: the links on your page with all the links do not work.Also, I am reading this on tablet. To be able to follow info in QR I have to open it on another system to scan the QR code.┬áIt remains a good idea though…Regards,MartinVerzonden vanaf mijn Galaxy

    • Yes, Martin, that’s just a screenshot. They are live in the Kindle version; the QR code is in the paper copy so you can scan it for access to the YouTube video playlist..

  2. Jay Nichols Says:

    Hello Chris, I already have the paperback book from a year ago. I cannot link to the videos – any suggestions? when i select a video I seem to be directed to the same page but the chapters are not enabled.

    Much appreciated Jay Nichols

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