New Edition: Airline Crew Cartoon Anthology.


Here’s your new edition, behind-the-scenes airline view from the flight crew perspective. Think you know about crewlife and air travel? Want to impress your crew on your next flight? Need the perfect gift for that flight attendant or airline pilot in your life?

Get your signed copy (US only) for only $7.99 + $1 S&H.


Outside the US, shop —CLICK HERE.

This new 2018 edition has 90 pages of wicked new airline crew cartoons …

air crew brief layover 001

And many from the perspective of air travelers …

air cafe airport

If you’re in the airline industry, or are even considering the air travel career field …

air career day continents 001

This cartoon collection is a must-have!

Get your limited-edition signed copy–just order through the links above. Get an airline keepsake for yourself or others, while they last!

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4 Responses to “New Edition: Airline Crew Cartoon Anthology.”

  1. Helen And Tom Davis Says:

    Thanks! We will purchase our copy—and have you sign it later. Tom Sent from my iPad


  2. Never a time when laughter was needed more. Cool!

  3. Hi Chris- love your humor in the face of every aspect of flying– as a long ago washed-out enroute atcs, you keep me smiling. Oh yeah, must add your cartooning skills are great, too 👍 Thanks for this special purchase!

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