Get The Cockpit View



Step into the cockpit with me and let’s fly from DFW International Airport to SeaTac in Seattle.

Just click here and we’ll be on our way.


10 Responses to “Get The Cockpit View”

  1. Love it— thank you. I still love flying after all these years, and love watching the beautiful scenery unfold as we fly overhead. I don’t understand why anyone would prefer to watch a movie when there’s amazing sights below to see.

  2. Beautiful. Both the view and the writing.

  3. John Hobson Says:

    Enjoy your prose and thoughts on all phases of flying. My family liked your previous post on your choices in bidding flights. It was agreed by all that you’ve got your priorities straight!
    As for me…all Breitling, no license…I’m just hoping to come back as a pilot.
    Thanks for a first rate blog.

  4. Bill Brandt Says:

    Beautiful pictures! IIRC when I was a boy and flew 707s across the country we were at 40,000 – 42,000′ – seems commercial traffic flies lower these days

  5. Hi Chris, quick question, how old was the youngest first officer you’ve flown with?

  6. What a great read; excellent narrative and I agree the best action is the terrain we are flying over, which is why I always get a window seat. That way, one stays connected to the marvel of flight. B/T/W in Utah, it is the Wasatch mountain range. The rugged, glaciated Chugach Mts. are in Alaska, which is THE most spectacular sight from 40,000 ft in all the USA.

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