Why NOT remotely piloted airliners?


In the wake of several recent airliner losses, talk in the media once again turns to the futuristic concept of remotely piloted passenger jets.

A very bad idea, as I explain on Mashable.com. Just click here to read, or use the link below.







5 Responses to “Why NOT remotely piloted airliners?”

  1. All fixed now. Weird stuff. Great article.

  2. Cedarglen Says:

    I’ve read your other story and I could not agree more.
    At least in this lifetime, if there is no human driving, I’m not flying. Who knows what comes next. As a cost-saving measure, will they want to use non-pilots as ground-based Aircraft Operators, make that ‘Monitors?’ No thanks. -Cedarglen

  3. Neil Alden Says:

    Link to Mashable doesn’t work.

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