Pilot Warns of Reckless Responses to Germanwings Tragedy.

The media response and the social media firestorm after the Germanwings tragedy has prompted ill-advised, reckless “solutions” that in many cases, only makes air travel less safe.

Click here for my commentary on Mashable that has ignited its own firestorm of reaction.




6 Responses to “Pilot Warns of Reckless Responses to Germanwings Tragedy.”

  1. Click over and read, people. Couldn’t be said any better.

  2. Scary how people think automation is the answer to all the problems in the world. Any plane hooked up to a network for remote control is one I will never board.
    Keep up the good fight Chris.

  3. I tried to reply to the knuckleheads out there but couldn’t get signed into Mashable.

    I like your response, keep up the good fight.

  4. Cedarglen Says:

    Wrong answers, heck, the ‘major press’ and even the reactive regulators are still asking the wrong questions. I’ve not heard nor read a transcript of the CVR tape, but the reported details do not seem to prove anything of substance, yet. Until those data are correlated with the still missing D-FDR, we know nothing. I am shocked that the French and German authorities have released data so soon and I still want to question their ‘facts,’ while they vilify the F.O. with precious little proof. I concede that the facts may not look good, for the F.O., but do we know enough to say that with conviction? Hell No!
    Seeing the press mangle and airplane accident is not new, but seeing the investigating authorities join the press, this early is annoying.
    Furthermore, if the suspect F.O. has logged only 630 career hours of air time, given his training, those hours are likely some of the most intense in the profession. Save a few very valuable glider hours, his 630 hours are important.
    As regards the F.O.’s psych condition on that morning, without a lot more proof, I refuse to believe that he just ‘popped.’ That is just not how it happens. That’s my professional territory and I know it well. If there was major problem, over an extended period, some colleague would have seen something and reported something.
    For any number of reasons, this was preventable, yet not. I do not know the right answer.
    What I do know is that modifying the already tight security details won’t help. The “Two on Deck” rule may help, but it is imperfect. For now, the only thing that I can think of is to provide a simple lav facility inside the secure space. A few large birds already do that, no airline will tolerate the requirement on thousands of smaller birds.
    At least so far, I’m not willing to accept the early French/German investigation as Gospel and yes, I will wait for far better proof. I poorly documented history of ‘depression,’ is far from absolute proof that this F.O. killed himself and 149 others. Where is the evidence? Last I heard, the French and German transport accident investigators were a LOT smarter than we’ve see this week. What happened, Chris? Please explain. Thanks. -CG

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