The TransAsia 235 Crash Video: A Rational Analysis.

The crash video is horrendous, as is the most of the speculation in the media. Here’s my discussion of the video with Fox News:


To to watch, simply click here.


The direct link:

16 Responses to “The TransAsia 235 Crash Video: A Rational Analysis.”

  1. Excellent interview Captain…realizing that the media.. Can go overboard with speculation….I think decisions on the many possible reasons is good, understanding it’s just a guess….without all the facts that will surely tell the tale(no pun)…without asking for speculation, curious as to your opinion on “Feathering” an engine in situations where the engine goes out for whatever reason.. ???? Thanks

  2. Interesting discussion about the acciden.

  3. Saw your interview on FB, nicely done sir.

  4. Frank Ch. Eigler Says:

    Nicely done, Chris. It’s refreshing to speak definitively on clear issues and decline speculation on others.

  5. Eldon Johnson Says:

    Glad to see you not taking the bait and speculating on what happened. He tried to drag it out of you several times in typical media fashion but you kept shutting him down. BTW, you look better in person than in your cartoons!

  6. Randy Sohn Says:

    That comment about “speculation” deserves accolades, Chris! Until they analize the FR and VR we just don’t know! Looking at that video of the aircraft striking the bridge it made me recall the repeated instructions/cautions we always tried to beat into our cadet student’s heads out at Lubbock while instructing on B-25s. “If you lose an engine right after liftoff and don’t have 145 (safe single engine airspeed), then just retard the throttle on the the other engine and belly it in kinda straight ahead rather than roll it into a fireball, I’m tired of going to funerals”. That video sure looked like a “roll into the dead engine” but until they release the stuff on the recorders, we just can’t know.

    • I agree with you, Randy. People have suggested the pilot flying was turning to avoid obstacles, but I too doubt that. As you said, we’ll know soon when the DFDR and CVR are transcribed.

  7. Sagegreen Says:

    Nicely done, Chris. Glad that you resisted his attempts to make you speculate on the basis of a few seconds video. I think we’re all sick of this media hype on the basis of few facts.

  8. roberthenryfischat Says:

    Reblogged this on robert's space and commented:
    pls recover from gitmo.

  9. peggywillenberg Says:

    Thank you for refusing to take the “speculation bait”. We’ll have real answers soon.

  10. Thank goodness you are able to explain without hyperbole. So needed in the news world.

  11. (Aviation Herald)…On Feb 6th 2015 Taiwan’s ASC reported that the investigation so far determined from flight data and cockpit voice recorders: the aircraft received takeoff clearance at 10:51L, in the initial climb the aircraft was handed off to departure at 10:52:33L. At 10:52:38L at about 1200 feet MSL, 37 seconds after becoming airborne, a master warning activated related to the failure of the right hand engine, at 10:52:43L the left hand engine was throttled back and at 10:53:00L the crew began to discuss engine #1 had stalled. At 10:53:06L the right hand engine (engine #2) auto-feathered. At 10:53:12L a first stall warning occured and ceased at 10:53:18L. At 10:53:19L the crew discussed that engine #1 had already feathered, the fuel supply had already been cut to the engine and decided to attempt a restart of engine #1. Two seconds later another stall warning activated. At 10:53:34L the crew radioed “Mayday! Mayday! Engine flame out!”, multiple attempts to restart the engines followed to no avail. At 10:54:34L a second master warning activated, 0.4 seconds later both recorders stopped recording.

    Later the day Feb 6th 2015 the ASC also released an English version of the initial release detailing further that when the first master warning activated associated with the right hand engine the crew “called it out”, then the left hand engine thrust lever was progressively retarded to flight idle. At 10:53:24L the condition lever was set to fuel shut off position resulting in the shut down of the left hand engine. Following several call outs to restart the left hand engine the parameters suggest the left hand engine was restarted at 10:54:20L, however, at 10:54:34L another master warning sounded, the CVR recorded unidentified sounds and both recorders stopped.

  12. Nice job Capt.!

  13. UnrecognizedFallingObject Says:

    Bravo! Job’s a good ‘un Capt….nicely done resisting the speculation and pointing out that the DFDR and CVR will tell the story…

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