Flight Crew Like You: The Airline Cartoon Book Now Available

Finally, collected and published, the JetHead firsthand cartoon view of air travel, airlines and flight crews:

cover lined

Here’s the insider, behind-the-scenes look at the world of airlines, air travel and flight crews!

This all-original cartoon collection takes you inside the flight crew world on the flightline, flying trips, facing the ups and downs of flight crew life from an insider’s perspective. The 74 pages of cartoons in this collection are must-haves for anyone who is an air traveler, a frequent flyer, or a crewmember–or hoping to be!

Available now on Amazon–just click the link below.


 Here’s a sneak preview of just a few of the cartoons in this book:


black box

lady deuce

SpecCoff lg

Get your copy now–just click the button below:


cartoon guy lg



12 Responses to “Flight Crew Like You: The Airline Cartoon Book Now Available”

  1. Chris, any plan for making signed copies available to your loyal fans?


  2. Cedarglen Says:

    Wonderful, Chris and thank you for gathering this collection. I’m in and my order is in process.
    I second friend Frank’s inquiry about having my hard copy signed. I’m not really a collector of signed editions, but if you have a functional pen, I can deal with the shipping fees.
    I look forward to enjoying more humor from seat Zero-A. -C

    • Cedarglen Says:

      Update: Chris, is your arrangement with Amazon one of those “Print on Demand” books? My order was entered on June 2, I had it in hand on June 4 and a note on the back page mentioned June 2. That is FAST! I also note several cartoons bearing dates of late May, all dated referring to 2014. That is impressive!
      The cartoons are genuine belly-laugh humor for anyone who flies, whether row zero, a FA or the Victim of Row Twenty. Marvelous stuff and thank you. Heck, two of the cartoons were apparently so well liked that your ‘editor,’ ran them twice! Best regards, -Craig

  3. Hi Chris, the cartoons were excellent and I’m amazed that you are a very talented cartoonist. Thanks.

  4. Just ordered! There is a 5% discount on Amazon 🙂 http://t.co/Ps0EidvaNx

  5. roberthenryfischat Says:

    Reblogged this on robert's space and commented:
    i better go clear the drains.

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  7. I have a question. I order a lot of items on the net that are usually shipped by USPS. Do airlines carry mail for USPS for a fee or something? Just curious. Thank you.

    • I believe most major airlines have a mail contract of some sort. I don’t know how the USPS determines what mail goes by contract air, but some does.

  8. laura glading apfa

    Flight Crew Like You: The Airline Cartoon Book Now Available | JetHead’s Blog

  9. […] You can preview cartoons on Jethead’s blog. […]

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