Tribute to a Fighter Pilot: Ed Rasimus

f-4 f105

Ed Rasimus will be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery today with full military honors.

Ed flew more than 250 combat missions during the Vietnam War in F-105s and F-4s, earning the Silver Star, five Distinguished Flying Crosses and 20 Air medals.

Here is Ed’s first person account of those years. Ed was a patriot, a leader, a friend and, one hell of a fighter pilot.

Or to download, click here.


5 Responses to “Tribute to a Fighter Pilot: Ed Rasimus”

  1. thank you for telling his story

    • I’m grateful that he came on the podcast (3 times, actually) and told the stories in his own voice. The others are available on iTunes, free, of course. My goal has always been to preserve the great aviation narratives in the voices of those who lived the experience.

  2. Capt. Manno, Thanks indeed for posting this. I had the honor of knowing Ed personally via the “before the WWW” internet, back in the computer BBS days in Colorado Springs where we both lived at the time. I also had the honor of serving with Ed back in “the day” at Korat RTAFB

    (that’s a Korat Wild Weasel F-105G in the photo you used, outbound to give some SAM site a really bad day).

    Ed and his cohort were “Sky Gods”, me a wet behind the ears maintenance EM, so we didn’t know each other then.

    But in contradiction to the well known aphorism, “You can always tell a fighter pilot, but you can’t tell him much”, Ed and I became good friends over many pleasant exchanges regarding discussions on the use of the GPS in combat aircraft. Ed accidentally made an inaccurate statement in public about the GPS system, and I, still in awe of the “Sky God’ type, hesitated, but then screwed up the courage to correct him.

    He not only took the criticism like the gentleman he truly was, we spent then spent many a happy hour learning from each other. He was never one to think he had all the answers. I don’t believe Ed ever stopped learning his entire life.

    RIP Major Ed, Fly Fast and Check Six

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