JetHead Live with Mark Berent

Mark Berent not only wrote the gripping 5-book series on the airwar in Vietnam–he lived it.

Over 400 combat missions in F-100s and F-4s, earning a Silver Star, two Distinguished Flying Crosses and over two dozen air medals, and all of them captured in his book series.

And now, he’s live, one on one with Jethead:

To download, click here.

Also available on iTunes free–just click the icon below:


6 Responses to “JetHead Live with Mark Berent”

  1. Chris, Excellent interview with Mark Berent. Laughed at his comments about Systems Command. I suspect I may have run across Mark at BMD/BSD in the early 60’s, at BSD if he was at Norton AFB. Also, I recall many of the rated types did want to go to VN. And well remember George AFB, went through the altitude chamber so we could catch a T-33 ride.

  2. Fr. Jeremiah Says:

    Captain: What a FANTASTIC interview! Mark can sure tell stories and I loved listening to them! You are such an interesting and incisive interviewer, as well. The nuns must have served you both well!!! 😉 Of particular interest to me were the night missions. I’ve been wondering about flying combat at night… After I listened to this podcast the first time last week, I bought “Rolling Thunder” and am thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you, again, for your efforts!

  3. Chris

    Great podcast; looks like I am going to have to find out how to use Kindle downloads on my iPad, since new paper versions of those books seem to be a thing of the past………Know anybody who flew in both Vietnam and the Gulf? That would be an interesting comparison.


    • I wonder if any pilots could claim both wars–they’re 20 years apart. General Chuck Horner, the commander of the 1991 gulf air war, flew Huns and Thuds in Vietnam, but I’m betting all of his contemporaries were either in senior command positions or in civilian life.

      Check out both Ed Rasimus interviews too–he has a great, firsthand impression of the air war in Vietnam.

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