JetHead Live: Flying the 747 for Cathay Pacific Airlines

One pilot’s flight odyssey from Winnipeg, Canada, flying metroliners around Canada, to Hong Kong, flying 747s around the world.

Here’s Jeremy Giguere’s story, in his own words:

To download and save this podcast, click here.

Also available free on iTunes–just click on the iTunes icon below.

To visit Jeremy’s blog “Pushin’ 4 on the Second Floor”click here.


5 Responses to “JetHead Live: Flying the 747 for Cathay Pacific Airlines”

  1. Hey! Can’t wait to hear this one! I like his blog…thanks for doing this, Chris!


    • He’s a fellow Canadian–knew you’d appreciate that! He’s accomplished what so many hope to do, but not many actually succeed, making it to the widebody as a professional pilot.

      I wish I’d asked more questions about the flight ops and life in Hong Kong–but those stories are in his blog which is linked here as well.

  2. That was a very well done interview. I hope Cathay gets the 748i.

  3. Hi Captain Chris!

    Downloading….! Will be listening to it on my flight next week! I enjoy his blog also, the link was spread via-via but came from you IIRC!

    Not sure if I mentioned but I bought Mike Mullane’s ‘Riding Rockets’. Currently half way there just before launch, superb book and one of the best I’ve ever read!

    All the best & thanks for doing this!


    • Fr. Jeremiah Says:

      @basthedutchaviator: I had the oppertunity to meet Mike Mullane 18 months ago; it was quite by accident. I was hanging out in the NASA store at MCO waiting for my flight back to Rome, and chatting with the proprietor about this book, “Riding Rockets”. It looked interesting, but the print was too small for me to read (I am visually handicapped). We checked to see if it was available on Kindle and it was not. Bummer. This guy turns around and says that he can help….turned out to be Mike Mullane waiting for a flight back to Albuquerque. We had a great chat and waited for planes together…and within a week, we had the book in Kindle form! And the book was fantastic: hilarious, beautiful, and profound all at the same time!

      @chrismanno: Another great interview, Captain! It was great to hear his story…and his passion for flight! As he gains more experience, I would love to hear more about ops and his more-detailed observations about handling the 747. Thanks again!

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