Flying the B-2 Stealth Bomber

Listen to Bill Flanagan’s firsthand experience

flying this exotic aircraft:

To download and save, click here.

For past interviews, click here.


8 Responses to “Flying the B-2 Stealth Bomber”

  1. capnaux Says:

    First of all, thank you Jethead for your wise comment on my blog. I’ve altered the post accordingly 😉

    Also good advice, for pilots and ground-pounders alike. It’s so easy to walk away from our nearly limitless 100+k big iron jet and strap on a Cessna, without giving much thought to the limitations of our light aircraft.

  2. basthedutchaviator Says:

    Hi Captain Chris,

    Epic! I’ve got a day off tomorrow so while ‘chilling’ on the balcony I’ll be listening to this podcast. Thanks!


  3. Lego Spaceman Says:

    This guy is awesome! What else can you interview him about?

    I would listen to Bill explain how a phone book works.

  4. Tom Seagraves Says:


    This interview was extraordinary! I loved every minute of it. I just finished a 2200 mile road trip and your podcasts accompanied me for a large portion of the trip. Thanks!!!

    May I suggest that for an upcoming podcast you have someone interview you so we can hear some details about your flying career? My guess is we would need to have multiple podcasts to cover everything.

    Thanks again!


    • Thanks, Tom. Glad you found the podcasts to be good listening on a long drive–I do that too, listening to a sports podcast (no commercials!) as i drive to and from the airport

      I never really thought of having someone interview me–maybe someday. In the works now is another interview with Bill Flanagan, plus a Singapore Airlines 747 pilot. Stay tuned!

      • Lego Spaceman Says:

        Get your WolfPack boys to interview you.

        Or just make another podcast with those guys.

      • Had a Wolfpack gathering Saturday night with many beverages and much howling and yapping. It’s a scary bunch, but we’ll see. One of the troublemakers was flying, which probably kept us all out of jail.

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