Flying the SR-71 Blackbird

Bill Flanagan gives a firsthand description of what it’s like to fly at 90,000 feet and 2,000 mph:

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10 Responses to “Flying the SR-71 Blackbird”

  1. Epic! Going to listen to this on the train to Schiphol tomorrow! Looking forward to this, thank you!

    • If you like this SR-71 interview, you’ll want to stay tuned: also have one completed about his years flying the B-2 Stealth bomber. That’ll be out later this month.

  2. Fr. Jeremiah Says:

    Another excellent podcast! I was really interested to hear about the way in which propulsion was achieved through pressurization created by utilizing shock waves in the inlets. Fascinating. Bill is very interesting to listen to, and explains things cogently and well! Can’t wait for your interview with him re: the B-2 Stealth! Thanks again for doing these podcasts!

    Safe flying!
    Fr. Jeremiah

    • It’s otherworldly, isn’t it? As designer and Skunk Works guru Kelly Powers told Pratt & Whitney, “at Mach 3, the engines aren’t pushing the airframe, the inlet’s pulling the engines.”

      Bill is very articulate, explains things simply and with patience. He’s a great educator, and very generous in sharing his unique experiences.

  3. Lego Spaceman Says:

    This was seriously cool. I can’t wait to hear more from Bill.

    And your interview style of just letting him talk was perfect. Good job.

  4. Hey There Captain Chris……!!

    Awesome Interview……I appreciate your patience, in letting who your interviewing talk…..without interuption……..
    ….easy to listen to……as if we’re all in the same room…….

    oh my it’s been over 50 years since the planning and building of the SR-71!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the aspect of …….the engines aren’t pushing the airframe, the inlet’s pulling the engines.”!!!!!
    and can’t forget…….not flying over “Turkey farms”……or no baby birds…….LOL……sure cover a lot of ground(yes pun)
    did I hear that right…..??!!

    He mentioned the the metal(Inconel)….I remember how damn HARD…….that alloy was to machine on the N/C lates….no matter what the ‘hardness # was..!!!!!!….

    and Thanks so much for that Hilarious video…..about how good we have it……..and the gen. x’s……that don’t appreciate any of it……..!!!!!!
    saw it a year or so ago…..and could not find it…..

    My Thanks to Bill Flanagan….for sharing his knowledge……and looking forward to the next interview……!!!!!!
    and Thank you Captain. Chris……..also……, Us “Aviation Geeks”……can never get enough……!!

    • I’m with you: I find such first-person description from knowledgeable, well-spoken people like Bill fascinating. Stay tuned for his B-2 Stealth experiences–that interview is done and will be out later this month.

  5. basthedutchaviator Says:

    Hello Captain Chris!

    Now that I’ve listened to the whole interview I can only say WHAOW! I’m stunned really, what an amazing sight and priviledge it must’ve been. Great and easy to listen to (also as a Dutch person). Interesting and certainly looking forward to the B-2 experiences.

    Thanks to you and Mr. Flanagan for doing this!


  6. Steve Knight Says:

    You’ve got us on the edge of our seats, Cap, thanks for doing such a tremendous job!

  7. Mike Smith Says:

    Nice job Bill! I listened to both the B-2 and SR-71 audios. Glad to hear you are still in the game. Mike Smith (B-2 systems engineer 1985-2005)

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