Vietnam: A Fighter Pilot’s View

In Vietnam, the air war was complex, deadly, challenging and forty years later, it’s still not well understood.

Fighter Pilot Ed Rasimus has a unique, 3-point perspective:

100 air combat missions in an F-105 in 1966, then another 150 in F-4s in 1972,

and now, 40 years later, the opportunity to reflect on the experience:

To download and save, click here.

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the SR-71’s first flight, with

Bill Flanagan

who flew the Blackbird and helped develop and test its out-of-this-world systems.

Don’t miss it.


2 Responses to “Vietnam: A Fighter Pilot’s View”

  1. Fr. Jeremiah Says:

    What a great interview, Captain! Thank you for doing these! Not only are they interesting, but they help create a living record of our history. As an educator, I teach mostly via primary sources; ergo, I appreciate the creation of such. If I were teaching American History instead of Theology and Church History, I would most assuredly play this for them. Just fantastic! I help out at a parish that is right next to the seminary where I teach; after morning Mass, we’ll often go to breakfast. There is an old, but agile, man that comes with us who was a fighter pilot in Korea. If I remember correctly, he flew the F-89 Scorpion for the Air Force. He later became an airline pilot with Pan Am and flew for them thru the advent of the Boeing 727. It’s hard for him now to find people to regale with his stories…but I am all ears! For however long till his final check ride, he is a living piece of our history and one of the Giants! So, thank you for helping to record history…and in such an entertaining format!

    Safe flying!
    -Fr. Jeremiah

    • I agree with the value of archiving these stories in the voices of those who lived them. Stay tuned: next up, a guy with several hundred hours in the SR-71 at 80,000 feet and 2,000 mph.

      How could I get in touch with your F-89 friend?

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