Bee Haydu, WWII Pilot

Like thousands of other pioneering women, Bee Haydu flew as a pilot for the US military in WWII.

Hear her story, in her own words:

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To purchase Bee Haydu’s book “WASP Letters Home,” click here.


5 Responses to “Bee Haydu, WWII Pilot”

  1. Really Interesting – especially hearing it all from her!- thanks for posting the interview

    • It was an honor and a pleasure for me to talk with her. What a can-do spirit she shows, a testament to quiet determination. We have more features coming up focused on women in aviation. Stay tuned!

      • I came accross your reference to the address and found it should be Thanks, great reading.

  2. david helms Says:

    hi bee. i met you almost 3 years ago at the monroe,n.c. airport. an air show. i also bought your book and have enjoyed it thoroughly. please get back in touch and let me know how things are going.would love to hear from you.thanks.

    david helms

  3. chris everetts Says:

    My son Robbie met you at the airshow. He couldn’t wait to get home and tell everyone who he met. Your picture is framed and on hi dresser for everyone to see. Thank you for spending time with him!

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