JetHead Live talks with Meteorologist and Pilot James Aydelott

Aviation weather, flying and more, with

Meteorologist & Pilot James Aydelott

To download and save, Click Here.

We talk live with

Ed Rasimus, co-author of “Fighter Pilot” and veteran of 250 combat missions over North Vietnam in fighters.

March 7th–don’t miss it!

Older JetHead Live podcasts are available free on iTunes, just click on the icon below.



7 Responses to “JetHead Live talks with Meteorologist and Pilot James Aydelott”

  1. Cool. Forwarding this on to others

  2. Not being a pilot myself, what I’m hearing here is the meteorology commentary only. Models, mddels, models, the real problem is we only ingest real data from the upper atmosphere twice a day, 12 Z and 00 Z from the radiosonde launches, and some TAMDAR stuff. Model resolution might be fantastic, HRRR is great, but we are begging for more real-world data, and not just from the surface.

    Glad you like the X-M products, I use the same thing when I’m chasing (different version–responder), but even though they are behind they are the best thing we have when mobile.

    Great discusssion here. Say hi to my buddy Karen Hatfield at Tulsa WFO, James.

  3. Cedarglen Says:

    Do you see replies to older postings? I’m not a gadget guy, but I finally got an MP3 for the truck, to listen while on the road. D’loading the audio files from your site does not seem to work (nothing happens) and I’d prefer to not ‘sign up’ with iTunes, even if the content is free. Any other sources for the pod casts? This is old enough that I’ll risk using a stale email address for your reply… try cedargln at casco and with a tennis divider as the last part. Thanks, Chris. (If I could find a contact button, I would have used it.) – Craig

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