Airline Analyst Holly Hegeman Live

What does the future hold for the airline business?

Join JetHead Live with airline analyst and writer Holly Hegeman:

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Meteorologist and Pilot James Aydelott:

Weather, flying–and more.


4 Responses to “Airline Analyst Holly Hegeman Live”

  1. T. Wright Barnes Says:

    A few thoughts that came up as I was listening to this podcast –

    Isn’t Spirit (or a similar ultra-low cost) operator’s market penetration limited somewhat because of the very low standards of service they provide? Personally, I would WALK to my destination before subjecting myself to a Ryanair-type flight experience.

    I was not aware of the Ralph Nader / AA dustup, but researched it after listening. Nader booked late and thus couldn’t get an aisle seat at a price he wanted to pay, not surprising and what I would expect. It is very disappointing that he was given what he wanted but was not entitled to. This just reinforces every loudmouthed jerk that tries to get their way by bullying and abusing airline staff. Not only that, but some passenger that should have had a preferred seat and didn’t yell loud enough about it was deprived of it for the benefit of the more obnoxious customer. A great example of how airlines are their own worst enemies when it comes to customer relations!

  2. Loved this podcast! The Q & A was great and relevant. It made me wish there was a weekly podcast which talked about the airline industry. Great stuff as always, Chris!

  3. How did you EVER get this job. You need to find another line of work. You know noting about the Airline industry. You don’t live it, you only go by what you are told. Shameful that you have a soap box to stand on and voice your uneducated, uninformed opinion!

    • You don’t specify who “you” refers to in your comment. Me, I’ve been an airline captain for 23 years at the world’s largest airline. I think that qualifies as “living it,” which puts me in a decent position to judge Holly’s commentary as being relevant and prescient–so I did the interview and I think it’s very good.

      My only unanswered question is why you listened to the interview in the first place?

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