Podcast: JetHead Live with Astronaut Mike Mullane

What’s it like to ride over 4 million pounds of explosive thrust into earth orbit? Three times?

What’s the future of U.S. manned space flight?

All this and more as we go one-on-one with Astronaut Mike Mullane, author of New York Times acclaimed book, “Riding Rockets.”

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JetHead Live with Astronaut Mike Mullane


Next week on JetHead Live:

What’s it like to fly the Boeing 707, 727, 737, 757, 767, and 777?

To find out, we go one-on-one with a pilot who’s flown them all–Boeing Instructor Captain Mark Rubin.

14 Responses to “Podcast: JetHead Live with Astronaut Mike Mullane”

  1. Hey there Chris…………………!!

    I haven’t listened to your new podcast yet………………WANNA HAVE THE PROPER TIME TO………….LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just wanted to check in………….in case your waiting on ‘pins and needles’. HA…….
    (don’t ya just “Hate” ……..when people put more importance on themselves..than the law allows……)
    …speaking for myself of course)…

    AND (don’t ya just “Love” it……….when poeple “ADIMIT” to putting more importance on themselves………thus defusing the situation???)
    …………thats a joke………..so let me go see/listen………………

  2. Keeps getting better and better. What a refreshing interview. I can’t wait to read the book.

    So true about being a “butter bar”. Those were some great times.

    Looking forward to the next interview.

  3. Alan C. Higgs Says:

    I have read Mike’s Book, “Riding Rockets”. To just get to the point, I worked at Ellington Field, where we supported the Astronaut flying activities…I know Astronaut Mike Mullane and his account puts you in the real world the way it REALLY was. Mike states, “it is not politically correct”….well, it sure is ACCURATE. I could not put it down once I started reading it!

    • As he says in the interview, “It’s a memoir,” and it really is: honest, high-octane, and funny as hell when it’s not being terrifying. As I said in the interview, his book goes beyond the usual astronaut narrative–it’s an experience so well-written that the reader gets to live it. As the New York Times said, this book is not to be missed.

  4. Can you set up the podcasts to be searchable on Blackberry’s podcast search?

  5. Hey Captain Chris!

    Haven’t had the time yet to listen to this podcast, but I sure will. Judging by the comments I might even have to buy the book! I can even buy it here in The Netherlands and it’s not that expensive! Hmmmm ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have to listen to the podcast first of course, will keep you tuned!
    Hope you’re having a good weekend, either on the ground or in the air.

  6. George H. III Says:

    Helluva an interview–had to pick up the book on my Kindle right away. laughing my ass off so far. Excellent read.

    More interviews!

  7. Just wanted to drop a note and say what a great podcast this is. As a part 135 pilot it’s great to get the gouge on flying the big iron ๐Ÿ™‚ Really looking forward to the next podcast. It’s been moved to the top of my playlist.
    I read “Riding Rockets” based on your recommendation. If there’s anything else you suggest reading let us know.
    Keep up the great work.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for listening and reading. I could probably do a blog review of the new space books out–Al Worden of Apollo 15 has one out entitled “Falling to Earth.” He along with his fellow crewmembers were crucified by NASA for carrying cancelled postage on board their mission which eventually was sold for profit–standard practice by NASA on shuttle flights, but they fried the crew. And Gene Cernan of Apollo 10 & 17 has a memoir out titled “Last Man on the Moon”–because he actually was. A fine, honest, revealing narrative.

      But the thing that sets Mike Mullane’s book apart is that it goes way beyond narrative like most of the astronaut books which have an “as told to” feel. “Riding Rockets” puts you into the experience and when you’re not laughing your ass off, he’s scaring the snot out of you. Hell of a good read.

      • Alan C. Higgs Says:

        I have read Al Worden’s Book…and I would too enjoy a podcast with Colonel Al Worden!

      • Worden’s book is an excellent read, filling in a lot of the blank spaces in the astronaut narrative. I’m glad so many of them are writing their stories, because it’s truly an important part of American history and there’s no substitute for the first person account, in their own words.

        I think you could make some comparisons to Mike Mullane’s story too, beyond just West Point: they both had that insatiable curiosity about the night sky, Worden in the country, Mullane in the desert southwest, that led them both into space exploration.

        Have you read “Rocket Men?” Fascinating, well-researched history of the U.S. space program going all the way back to Werner von Braun and all the way through the space program up to the shuttle.

        And another must-read is Michael Collins’ “Carrying the Fire,” a candid, open, and well-written memoir. Aldrin’s “Magnificent Desolation” is an excellent first-person account of both his Gemini flight and Apollo 11, but unfortunately, the second half of the book deals with everything but the manned space program.

        Gene Kranz’s “Failure is Not and Option” is another must-read first person account of the space program and many Apollo missions, including 11 and 13.

        If I could get Al Worden to agree, would love to do the interview. Chasing down Gene Cernan now . . . stay tuned.

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  9. […] to Captain Chris and his JetHead Live Podscast with astronaut Mike Mullane I bought the book ‘Riding Rockets’. Since many were so positive about it and I needed a […]

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