Horses in my beer, plus the Roadkill Report.

Okay, a day off, finally home in Cowtown.  At this time of the year, in this berg, that means The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Here’s the whole thing in just 45 seconds:

You get the idea? An integral part of the experience is related to cold beer. Giddyup.

Part of my job as an airline pilot is to eat everything in sight, coast to coast. Reporting on that, then is the following recurring feature:

Now, I promise that in my travels, I’ll only post the good stuff, cool finds in obscure places that you have to try if you’re anywhere nearby. My first is one of my favorites, from Portland’s PDX International.

“Good Dog-Bad Dog” in PDX’s terminal brings you hot brats of all varieties, and you pick the toppings from a self-service bar. I always get the “Sweet Italian,” then top it with mustard and kraut. Always fast, hot and super-tasty. It’s a gut bomb that’ll get you another thousand miles down the road.

It’s great to find a place that’s beyond the usual chain fare. More info?  Check it out.

2 Responses to “Horses in my beer, plus the Roadkill Report.”

  1. unexpectedtraveller Says:

    When it comes to gut-bombs, I haven’t seen anything better (or is that worse?) than what I found in Nashville:

    The Unexpected Traveller

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