Yet another jet pilot posting a blog.

Sure, everyone’s got a blog, and there’s a blog for everyone, right?  Everyone has something to share, from work or otherwise.

So here’s my workspace: a corner office with a window. The view is pretty good, and ever changing, thank God:

Some days it’s the “Emerald City,” jewel of the Pacific Northwest, some days it’s a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico.

Usually it’s some cool view, or sometimes, I capture the scene in a cartoon:

Or sometimes a video:

I’m surrounded by happy coworkers:

I visit new places

And meet lots of interesting people along the way.

Okay, what's the connection between pies and size?

That’s what this blog’s about: life in the air, and between flights, on the ground and the adventures along the way. Does that work for you? If so, tune in regularly.

Keep your seatbelt fastened–it’s going to get bumpy.


8 Responses to “Yet another jet pilot posting a blog.”

  1. Love your coffee sketch.

  2. please don’t make it bumpy. i want to relax while you work.

  3. Theresa Harper Says:

    Very neat…how did u do all this?

  4. Thank you for this blog. I’ve been an aviation fan my whole life, and whenever I travel I love to thank the pilots after the landing. I know it’s just a job for a lot of them and most days are probably just as routine as mine – but I appreciate that you and your coworkers take me thousands of feet in the air at incredible speeds and put me back down on the ground safely – every time.

  5. Sprocket Says:

    I’ve just spent the evening reading the entirety of your blog to date. A great read! Please keep it up.

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