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The JetHead Live Podcast

Audio interviews with aviators who relate personal, hands-on flying stories you don’t want to miss.

All past episodes can be listened to below.

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Bob Crandall, former president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of AMR and American Airlines discusses the future of the deregulated airline industry.


Recipient of the Silver Star and author of the five book Vietnam Air War series,

here’s Mark Berent in a wide-ranging one-on-one interview:


Hard-core, inside look at the evolution of recce, with industry expert/aviator Bill Flanagan.


Flying Cathay Pacific 747s out of Hong Kong, Jeremy Giguere shares his piloting experience:


Bill Flanagan flew the B-2 and managed much of the flight test program.

Here is that experience in his own voice:


Flying the SR-71 Blackbird

Bill Flanagan describes his experiences flying the SR-71 for 5 years:


The Air War in Vietnam

The air war in Vietnam was complex, deadly, and little understood by the American public.

Ed Rasimus fought that war up close and personal through 250 combat missions.

Here’s his perspective, 40 years later:


General Carol Timmons

General Timmons began her military career as an Army private.

She earned her commission in the Army, flew UH-1 helicopters as a pilot,

then transferred to the Air Force, won pilots wings there, and went on to fly the C-141 and C-130.

her story, in her own words:


Bee Haydu: WASP Pilot in WWII

Bee Haydu flew as a Women’s Air Force Service Pilot in WWII.

Here’s her story, in her words:


Fearful Flyers? Here’s Help.

A candid, comprehensive discussion between a frequent but nervous flyer and an airline pilot with over 30 years of experience flying jets.


Fighter Pilot & Author Ed Rasimus

Ed Rasimus co-wrote “Fighter Pilot” and has himself flown 250 combat missions in fighter. Hear about the life and times of a classic fighter pilot.


Meteorologist & Pilot James Aydelot

Flying and weather from the perspective of a pilot and meteorologist:


Crosswind Landing Video & Commentary

(Start the audio track below, which will tell you when to start the video above)


Wolfpack Flight Revisited

Over 50,000 hours of combined jet hours, perspectives and retrospective:


Airline Analyst Holly Hegeman

What does the future hold for the airline biz?


Boeing Instructor Captain Mark Rubin

He’s type-rated in the Boeing 707, 727, 737, 757, 767 and 777. Here’s the inside scoop:


Space Shuttle Astronaut Mike Mullane

JetHead Live goes one-on-one with 3-time shuttle astronaut Mike  Mullane:


Flying for the Royal Dutch Air Force and KLM

Captain Martin Leeuwis has flown it all, from the NF-5 fighter to the KLM 737.

Listen as he describes his flying career:


What’s it like to be a Boeing-777 Captain? How does the 777 compare to the MD-11 and DC-10? Interview with American Airlines Capt. Jeff Hauser, who has flown all three and is currently flying the 777 internationally.

Here it is:





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